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Stepinac High School"s team of savvy investors are (l-r):. 瑞恩•桑德斯, 约翰·威廉森, Marc Rainone (center - Captain),  Ryan Strzalkowski and 欧文Dowicz

Stepinac High School Team is Off to Impressive Start in Highly Competitive 2023 Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge

Stepinac is again the 只有 team from Westchester competing. Like last year’s team which finished in top tier, Stepinac’s financially savvy investors are again competing in field dominated by Universities, Colleges and top-ranked business graduate programs from throughout the World.

Last year, Stepinac High School’s team of five savvy investors, members of the school’s Susan and Daniel P. Mahoney Economics and Finance 荣誉学院, finished in the top tier of the highly competitive 2022 Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge. 

This year’s Stepinac team is already off to an impressive start. In fact, in their first week of the 2023 Bloomberg Challenge just completed, Stepinac’s team ranked 1191,647 团队 with open positions and 2,004 团队 registered for the 竞争. “Our starting ranking is 85% better this year versus last 表示:“ Rackeal贝拉米, moderator of Stepinac’s Economics and Finance 荣誉学院 and chair of the Business Academic Department.

 Last year’s Stepinac team, after five weeks of stiff 竞争, ranked 99 946 团队 from around the world and, in the 北美排名, placed 31327 团队. “These were truly remarkable achievements as Stepinac’s team from the outset of the Challenge outperformed many universities, colleges as well as top-ranked business graduate programs that dominated the field,” explained Bellamy.  Among those Stepinac surpassed were NYU Shanghai, NYU Abu Dhabi and Baruch College CUNY. 去年的第一次 place winner was the University of Southampton, Great Britain.

 Stepinac was also among a handful of high schools that competed in the Bloomberg Challenge and the 只有 one from Westchester that finished in the top tiers of the international and 北美排名. This year, Stepinac is one of just five high schools, 再一次 只有 one from Westchester, that is competing.

 Stepinac’s team, named The Capital Crusaders, comprises five academically top performing students 包括 Marc Rainone 白色的 Plains (team captain); 瑞恩•桑德斯 Thornwood; 约翰·威廉森 Ossining; 欧文Dowicz 白色的 Plains and Ryan Strzalkowski of 黑麦的脖子. Three of them--Rainone, Dowicz and Strzalkowski—were on on last year’s team.

  和去年一样 Challenge, this year’s 团队 were each given $1 million in virtual U.S. 美元 投资股票. The objective of the Challenge is to outperform the Bloomberg WLS Index (Index (World, Large, Mid and Small Cap Price 返回).   

 In this year’s investment strategy, Stepinac’s investors “have leaned on key financial performance metrics, along with geopolitical and economic news to determine which companies to open their initial positions in and strategically weigh the sectors within their portfolios to reach the goal of outperforming Bloomberg’s WLS,” explained Bellamy, adding: ”They will continue to monitor current events both domestically and globally to reposition their portfolio for success.“

 In advance of entering the 2023 Challenge, the Stepinac team prepared by virtually attending CNBC's "Delivering Alpha" Summit ”which provided them with insight from industry leaders on the state of the economy and how to find opportunities to create a strong investment portfolio,” Bellamy noted.

 Stepinac’s decision to start competing in the annual Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge followed the school’s launch two years ago of the 1,500-squre-floot Finance Center, an advanced, college-level, real-world learning technology equipped with Bloomberg 终端.  The Bloomberg 终端 help students to conduct technical analysis of the companies they select.

 A distinctive Wall Street atmosphere features LED ticker displays in real time, an essential tool used daily by newsrooms, financial wealth management firms, and university business school finance labs. In addition, the new lab allows for the integration of the Bloomberg Terminal and Bloomberg Market Concepts into the 课程.

  独特的金融 Center equipped with Bloomberg 终端, devoted to teaching professional literacy in finance at a college level, represents another Stepinac first in 课程 innovation,” said 弗兰克Portanova (93届毕业生) Vice Principal of Curriculum and Academic Studies. “Applying their studies to the real world is what will create the innovators of the future.”