Mission & Beliefs

Our Mission

As a standard-bearer in curriculum innovation, Archbishop Stepinac High School provides young men with a highly competitive academic program that leverages our blended learning platforms and project-based learning pedagogy to equip students with skills to become globally competitive. Students are provided a diverse range of extra-curricular programs that foster diversity, as well as social, emotional and spiritual growth based on solid Roman Catholic, societal and moral values inspired by Blessed Aloysius Stepinac. It is our goal that Stepinac students will become responsible and ethical leaders in society. To this end, the faculty and staff provide them with tools needed for post-secondary success as well as instill in them the lifelong desire to lead through service. Students are challenged to realize their full potential, in an ever-changing world, through a supportive and inspiring atmosphere which imbues a strong sense of camaraderie that is unique to the Stepinac experience.

We Believe:

Education is the shared responsibility of the school,
the administration, student, family, and community.

Effective education develops the whole person –
spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.

Developing self-discipline encourages students to take
responsibility for their own learning while recognizing that
diverse and unique learning styles allows Stepinac
to develop differentiated teaching methods.

Through the opportunity to participate in diverse aspects
of the Stepinac Community, and understanding our rich history,
our students will develop a sense of family.

Each student is an individual with unique
learning styles and rates of learning.

Interaction with individuals of diverse backgrounds
and character teaches respect and appreciation for others.

All students should have a safe learning environment
to foster personal growth.

A healthy lifestyle provides the necessary framework for success
throughout the students’ academic and professional lives.

All students should be proficient and responsible
in the technologies and abilities needed
for their future academic and personal lives.